Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Once enrolled at UC Berkeley, Sharer Scholars are expected to adhere to the following expectations in order to continue to receive their scholarship: 

  • Maintain a 2.3 or above cumulative grade point average (GPA) at Berkeley.
  • Meet with Kassandra Lopez, Sharer Program Coordinator and assigned academic counselor, at least three times a year (twice in the Fall and once in the Spring).
  • Required attendance at Sharer Scholars community events and programming scheduled throughout the year (three events per year).
  • Completion of periodic Sharer Scholar surveys (intended for evaluation and progress tracking).
  • Required annual individual  meeting with program donors  

Failure to adhere to the requirements above may disqualify students from the program and the scholarship. 

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Even during this time of hardship, I continue to feel a part of a wonderful community that is there for me when I need it.
Steven Wilson
The Sharer Scholars Program gives a tangible connection that is hard to find at a large university like Berkeley.
Hamza Kahwaja