Sharer Scholars Program

The Sharer Scholars Program provides outstanding transfer students from California community colleges the opportunity to benefit from comprehensive support, a network of fellow transfer students, and an annual scholarship.

Sharer Scholars selects students based on their leadership potential, academic excellence, financial need, and commitment to large-scale impact. Sharer Scholars are future leaders in business and technology, entrepreneurs, and innovators. While the application is open to all new transfer students who meet the eligibility criteria, Sharer Scholars prioritizes the selection of students pursuing majors in business, economics, engineering, science, and medicine/pre-health.

The program has several components:

  • Annual Scholarship and Financial Support: Based on financial need, Sharer Scholars receive up to $8,000 per year in scholarship, for two years, intended to reduce loan and/or work-study awards. 
  • Cohort and Community: Sharer Scholars are required to enroll in a Transfer Student Center first semester transition course. Among fellow new transfers students, participants learn how to effectively navigate UC Berkeley, identify resources, and develop their career plans. Additionally, Sharer Scholars participate in several cohort-based group gatherings several times a year.
  • Access to Academic Counseling: Sharer Scholars are required to complete two or more appointments with their assigned academic counselor each semester. Participants benefit from assistance with academic planning, financial aid guidance, and preparing for opportunities beyond Berkeley including support with graduate school application and job search skills.